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Great TapeCalc

I get the message about needing update for iOS 11. Is the a plan to update it? Would be a shame to have to lose this one.

iOS warning

App does not appear to be maintained. Bummer!

Useful app

Love the the paper tape -- comes in handy when looking back entries. Clear, easy to use. What more can you ask?

Useful for Programmers

I use the hexadecimal features quite a bit when debugging software written in assembler or machine code. The calculator "tape" let's me scroll back through previous calculations, and copy ("grab") terms to use in new calculations.

Great calculator

Love this app! I use it everyday!

Great calculator

It is really nice to be see the history on the lapsed tape. I've used this calculator for many years.


Works fine, except for memory, which is probably uninformed user error. However, one star for annoying me with a prompt to review the app.

Works great

Easy to use and since it keeps a good history I don't lose everything if I hit the wrong key!

Paper Calc

Love using it!!!!

Love it!

PaperCalc is a wonderful calculator app!

Average User

Great App!!! Use this all the time. Would never go without it. Thanks.


I really like this but it doesn't have a way to calculate fractions. 😩

Fantastic App

I love the app. My only request is that you include an accounting calculator mode.

Gracias totales

Hace unos años compré la calculadora CalcBot, pero sus creadores, debido al éxito de su app Tweetbot se olvidaron de seguir mejorándola. Ya cansada, encontré esta CalcPaper y es lo mejor que me ha pasado. ¡La mejor calculadora!

The best

This is the most powerful and convenient to use programmer's calc I've seen on ANY platform. Very complete and well designed.

PaperCalc is Great

I used the app to calculate percentages of total forecasted resource hours. I really like the interface! I highly recommend this wonderful little app.

Like this app

Love the paper tape feature. Needs a better way to layout the personal calc. Maybe the iPhone screen is to small?

Has replaced other calculators

With adding, this gas replaced 3 other calculators I was using as well as my desktop calculator.

Terrific tool!

I am taking a college mathematics course. I rely on this calculator for all of my calculations. It is very easy to use! I love being able to scroll back through the tape and refer to earlier calculations, instead of having to redo them. Thanks so much for this helpful app!

So much better then iPhone calculator

Really scientific calc, easy to use. Only need is use the real cut, copy and paste.


I got the app for free and love it. I use it every day for my math homework and it works perfectly. I would pay for this. It is worth it and a strongly recommend it.


Works perfectly! If you need a simple calculator or scientific/engineering calculator, this is spectacular. Being able to email or print the tape is fantastic idea and well-implemented!

Use it constantly

This is a great calculator app. I use it all the time. 4/5 stars because of a handful of glitchy usability frustrations. Still, a handy, useful app.

Work well!

I like using this calculator the most because of the tape use and other options like email along with text ability.

Creator must be dead

It's been over two months since I reported this app immediately crashing every time I open it. Completely useless app.

After a long wait...

Update: This used yo be one of my favorite apps but it has become so buggy that it is useless any more. After a long wait, they come out with a new version with new color and the same problem. It is like masking all the previous issues with the new color. Besides the issues that has been commented by other users, they introduced a new one where app crashes when you recall you favorite setting. Please fix all bugs and I will give better rating. Thanks! ----------- This is the best calc program out there, and the paper tape is incredible. You get plenty of functions and the developer keep adding more. The support is first class and the developer really take suggestion seriously. Keep the good work!!!

Love it ! Use it all the time!

I really like how I can email the tape to myself or whoever!

Great app!

Used it for inventory!


Update: They seem to have fixed my problems. I like this app's interface. I hope they add more functionality to it later but this is a pretty good calculator as it is. This app is buggy, at least on iPhone 4. The keys only swipe to the right, can't go back left unless you get out. Please fix and I'll update my rating.

Great calc but why do we have to pay for a whole new app for a few upgrades?

The new Paper Calc 3 has a few new features, but it would seem to me that this should be a free upgrade to existing owners of Paper Calc. Other than that great program!

best calculator of all

This app has taken place of pride on my home screen and is now the only calculator I use. Great looking, well featured, and the running tape is just the thing I can not believe is not standard on every calculator. Oh- and although it calculates lagre numbers as others do, it actually allows me to input a figure with any number of places... qunitillions, septillions and beyond. Wow.

Outstanding App

This is the best calculator I've seen. And the author is making improvements that make it even better. On a recent road trip I used it to calculate gas mileage and usage. The running tape made it very simple.

Great caculator

I was looking for a calculator with a simple paper tape. This much infinite tape, add text comments to the tape, grab numbers off the tape for other calculations, and email the tape for back up. Very nicely done!

Great App, but

I have used and tried a number of different apps on the iTouch and this is one of the better ones. The reason for this is because of it's paper function and email/export capabilities. However what it is missing and needed badly is percent key. If this calc had a percent key I would most likely have given it a 5 out of 5

Worth every 99 pennies

Perfect for class. Tape can be emailed to your friends to show how you did each problem.

Great calculator with paper tape

This is by far the best calculator for the iPhone. The paper tape feature alone is worth more than a buck. Not only can you review the keystrokes history but you can also email it. The page scrolling to get to other functions is clever and the mem feature is pretty cool. Overall it is a great tool for a good price!

Paper Tape feature is awesome!

By far the best feature of this app is the paper tape, which can be scrolled (for a seemingly infinite) amount of lines. The paper tape can also be emailed if you need to save it, which is nice. The delete key is also good so when I make a mistake I can go back and fix it (unlike apple's iphone calculator). Over all a great calculator app with many useful math functions too. For $.99 you can't lose.

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